Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Madness

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent Saturday with the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild gals for a Sew Day. It was so much fun sewing with others and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing everyone's projects. What a talented group! I'm going to learn tons! The rest of the weekend was spent going out to dinner, making this pie, laundry, and I even managed to get a few projects complete.
Pincushion idea from Karen at Sew Many Ways. She's a clever gal. And see, family, I'm not the only person that saves trash! I'm going to start saving egg cartons and cottage cheese containers next. Just kidding. Or until I find a clever idea for egg cartons or cottage cheese containers! I'm hopeless!
And guess what? I finally got how to do continuous binding. I always cheated and tucked the raw edge in before. I'm not going to be too smug about my ability, because the second time I tried it, I messed up and had to remove the binding entirely and start over. This tutorial helped me get it. I've tried the continuous binding method before but could never get it to work correctly. I get it now! And it's easy!
Luckily, it was this little mini (7.5" x 11.25") that I messed up on the binding. I would have cried if it was a bigger quilt! And here I am playing with those houses again. I can't stop. I'm only blog writing because I really want to make houses.
Ever get color inspiration from odd places? I opened my drawer and saw these colors. I may have to play with this color combo today. After I rush through work!
Found this fun matryoshka doll tutorial this morning. Sure beat rushing into a work day! I'll probably use her for The Toy Society, which is where I saw her in the first place. Blogs can be very distracting! Have you noticed?

I hope everyone is having a fun Monday and finding inspiration in unusual (or usual) places! Have fun!


  1. Michele, you have a lot to share today!!!! I like the doll for The Toy Society. I had not heard of them before so checked out the link. Very cool. There is a similar projects for books. Your house mini is fabulous. Love those colorful quilting lines. Good job on all your bindings. You didn't show a picture of your waverunner! I plan to post pictures from our Sew Day tomorrow. Enjoy your play time!

  2. Michele, your doll is fantastic!! I am so glad you found the tutorial easy to use, it was the first one I wrote so I am pleased to know it works :)
    Good to meet another Toy Society member too!

  3. You have some fantastic wonderful goodies going on over here Michele!!

  4. I like this house quilt very much! and thank you for the link, very helpful...

  5. This is awesome! Thanks for your great blog, keep up the great work!


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