Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Blogtoberfest!

Yep, it's officially Blogtoberfest! If you want to beef your blog this month, join in the silliness. Personally, I love wasting, err, investing time reading blogs. It's therapy for me and usually sends me off in seven different creative directions every morning. That's good, right?!

On the Pay It Forward news, the first three lovely commenters have all agreed to Pay It Forward on their blogs. As of this note, I awarded the fourth commenter a little gift too. Four comments on my blog is a big deal! ; ) I am thrilled to be able to make something for Patch Andi, Rochelle, Marielle, and last but not least, Whimsy Loft. Go check these crafters out and see if you can score one of their Pay It Forward gifts. Even if you don't get in the running I think you will enjoy their blogs and craft projects. Don't blame me if you start a project from one of their blogs!

I did it! I blogged more than a sentence! It may snow in Florida now!


  1. Hey...LOL, I'm all about silly-ness

  2. Hello Michelle! Thank you for awarding me the PIF, even though I am the 4th commenter! Wowzer! I will definitely keep this up. I'm a fan of giving aways stuff :P *seriously*



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