Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Stash #11

My goal this month is to organize the stash. I already sorted my scraps by color. The bigger pieces are getting there. I need to sew faster or get more storage room! Does anyone else have this problem? Ha!

Mr. Bones is showing you an oldie but a goodie. What's really sad is I have no idea where this quilt came from! I think I bought it at an estate sale and was going to sell it. This was before I quilted! It didn't sell thank goodness, so it's mine! All mine! It's one of my favorite old quilts now.

This grandmother's flower garden I found in my travels. I think the patch is one of the most interesting parts of this quilt. I fall in love with a new print each time I look at this quilt.

I bought this one on the "World's Longest Yard Sale." My aunt and I took the trip and had a blast! We filled my trunk with treasures. I've always loved the contrast between black and white and this quilt is no exception!

I hope you've liked the little show and tell.


  1. Great quilts, and stash. I need to get mine better organized.

  2. You have some nice quilts in your collection.

  3. Love your stash of fabric! Very envious!


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