Friday, October 23, 2009

A Kaffe Fassett Finish!

A year later, this puppy is bound and finished! I bought the Kaffe Fassett squares and backing fabric at the very first quilt show I attended. That was all I bought too! How's that for restraint? I'd really like to have a yard each of all those fabrics. If you ever see them on sale, let me know! The gorgeous quilting was done by Eagle Mountain Quilting, which has been the best longarmer I've used so far. Wonderful service, quick turnaround, talent galore and excellent pricing.

The backing is always a challenge for me. I was rushing to get this one done and I made some bad cuts. Oh well, pieced backs aren't so bad! And I had these really long binding strips, which was kind of nice. I have tons of those left, so you might see the backing used as binding again.

Bones has to give it his approval. The colors are a little better in this shot.


  1. That is so beautiful. I love the quilting, going to check them out for those quilts I need finished. Thanks

  2. Love your backing!!! the whole thing is great!~ total eye candy!

  3. Beautiful use of KF fabrics!!! I just sent a quilt of to Eagle Mountain Quilting. Thanks for the recommendation. Love your waverunner colorful!!


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