Thursday, October 15, 2009

His Name Is Falcon.

Okay, I know it's not funny, but my daughter and I experienced this news story on our drive to the eye doctor. What a freaky story. We burst out laughing (inappropriately, of course) as soon as we heard it. We were imagining the child being lifted by Mickey Mouse, Dora the Explorer, etc. mylar balloons. I watched the rescue on the eye doctor's television. Thank goodness "Falcon" was found safe and sound, but my cheek muscles are killing me from laughing. Just too many funny and ironic things. Watch the "rescue" for instance. It was just an odd story. And I'm probably going to hell for laughing so hard, but I just found it hilarious. I'm sorry in advance, but I'm still laughing!


  1. Would you be laughing if it was your child? Yes you would! Probably even harder. ha ha

  2. I've got to wonder, now that more time has passed, if this was a hoax. I mean come on.


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