Sunday, December 29, 2013

Still Celebrating

It's been a fun holiday season. Visiting family and friends, eating tons of yummy food, holding babies, playing with toddlers and puppies. There was a fun game of Dirty Santa at my Aunt's house Christmas Eve. Today is the first day I'm home long enough to catch my breath and tackle Mount Laundry. I made this pecan pie for Christmas Eve. Such an easy pie to make and most people love it.

I finished my Catvent blocks Christmas Day during a quick lull. Now to add borders to the blocks and put them all together. I'm hoping to get a bit of time today. It's rainy here, so it's perfect for sewing. Or watching movies. Or reading.

I received two! grills for Christmas. One charcoal, and one gas. Both are Webers. Love them! Everyone knows I love to grill. My big gas grill was on its last leg, so I had been using my charcoal grill most of the year. Clearing the ashes was kind of messy. This new charcoal grill has a fancy ash removal pan. Yay!

My dad wanted an iPhone for Christmas. This was us trying to explain to him how to send messages using voice recording. No idea what a wiggly Alma is! Hilarious. It's his first smart phone, so he should have some fun with it. I put a bunch of apps on it for him, and we blew his mind with Face Time. So fun to see him learning. Good thing we and the kids have had years of practice to show Gramps the smart phone ropes. Heck, the kids still show me stuff. I think they're still learning tricks too. Technology keeps us on our toes.

I hope you're still celebrating and having lots of fun.


  1. I love the Cat Blocks I have a cat loving son that would just find those cute. But that Pie is what made me comment. Can you believe no one in my house other then me likes that kind of pie and sadly I have yet to have a piece this year. Sadly I am going to have to break down and buy one at the store.

    Richard and Tanya Quilts

  2. Catvent blocks are fabulous. Can't wait to see them pieced together.

  3. I love the cat blocks, and I am so happy you got new grills! Now....if you would just let us know when you're grilling! (Before hand). LOL

  4. I super love the Catvent blocks too. Will you sash them or just sew together? I think I'll be adding this to my list of must-do's!


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