Sunday, December 1, 2013

Challenge, Indeed

Yanick encouraged Orlando Modern Quilt Guild members to try the Double Wedding Ring Challenge the New York City Modern Quilt Guild was hosting. I was a little late to the party, but I still wanted to give this block a try. It's a challenge all right! I chose a paper pieced pattern from McCall's to play with.

The paper piecing part was fun and easy. I used my colorful scraps and stitched away. Sewing the white melons was also not terrifying. Well, maybe a little. ;)

It went downhill from there. Fitting that white center part was easy, but I had difficulty matching everything up for the Y-seams on the connector blocks. Gah!! Unsewing was involved. I contemplated taking out the white melons and appliqueing the rings on top of a white background, but that would have been more unsewing. Then I relaxed by ripping paper off the paper pieced sections.

Finally I was ready to sandwich the quilt. I'm low on batting, so I had to Frankenstein my last two big pieces together. No biggie. This was the last of the bamboo/cotton batting I bought to give a try. I really like it.

I decided to quilt the dog out of it to get my less than perfect joins to behave. Simple, organic wavy lines in white thread. I used my walking foot and went to town. This baby has mad texture.

Round quilts need bias binding. Eek. There's a first time for everything. This mini quilt is a learning adventure. I used this tutorial by Tinkerfrog and was on my way. Six years ago I didn't know what a bias was.

The binding was hand sewn to the back. Boy, I almost ran out of orange thread too. I think a trip to Jo-Ann's is in order.

Whew, challenge complete. I wasn't able to enter the contest because my quilt was a bit larger than 20", but it was a fun challenge none the less. I hope you'll go see the entries and how clever they all are.

Rene's Double Wedding Ring Mini
Yanick's Modern Beauty
Kathryn's DWR Mini
My guild buddies made some beauties too! I hope they don't mind me grabbing photos from their blogs. I'm moving on to Canoe Ridge Creations' Giant Starburst Quilt Along and the Quiltville Mystery Quilt. The fun just never ends!


  1. Yours turned out great. Love the cheery colors.

  2. Wow Michele, this is absolutely gorgeous!!! See….you never know what you can accomplish if you don't give it a try ;-)))

  3. You have the best scappy pieces! Yours is adorable.

  4. Paper piecing, Y-seams and bias binding? I'd need my big girl panties to take that on. But you aced it, champ!


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