Wednesday, November 6, 2013

To Infinity and Beyond

Remember my tomato plant? I bought it October 11 to celebrate a Friday.

Look at it now! Less than a month later there are six tomatoes about tangerine size. I'm practically giddy about its progress. Maybe my plant killer days are over. Apparently plants like regular water. Who knew?

I really love to eat green tomatoes too, but I'll try to resist. The spinach, peppers, and herbs are doing well too. Fall farming is the way to go. Anyone need some basil or oregano?

Speaking of giddy, Rene' gifted me with her beautiful selvage bag. I might have squealed. Okay, I really did squeal when I saw the Hey Girl journal and Bad Ass Quilter coffee cup and pin. I love those Ryan Gosling Hey Girl memes. The Bad Ass Quilter stuff goes so well with my Holy Shit Balls Sewing's Awesome project bag. Quilters are so fun!

If you haven't seen astronaut Karen Nyberg quilting in space, check it out. Amazing! I will never whine about gravity or misplacing my snips again. Our guild is making star-themed blocks to celebrate her homecoming.

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