Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween Grubs

I've been wanting to try these Cheesy Cocktail Straws for a while now. I decided to make a few fingers with the dough. My dough spread considerably, so keep that in mind if you whip them up. The fingers kind of look like mine when I over indulge in olives. The cheese straws couldn't be easier or tastier. I could eat them as a meal with a good salad and a glass of wine. Whir them up in a food processor in no time. The hardest part is grating the cheese.

The spider deviled eggs were a little labor intensive, so I made some eyeballs too. I used red food coloring to color some of the filling and attempted bloodshot eyes. Hollywood and Inspector Gadget love deviled eggs. College Boy wouldn't touch one with a 10-foot pole. He's "allergic" to mayonnaise. Probably not a bad thing.

Spinach barf dip, anyone?

The mummy dogs were a big hit with both young and old. I'm not a hot dog fan, but I found some that didn't seem too unhealthy. No nitrates, no fillers, no preservatives. I didn't tell the hot dog fans around here for fear they wouldn't eat them. Hey, they weren't turkey dogs. All beef, it just didn't say what kind of beef. I served the mummies with blood and puss which were really just ketchup and mustard.

Hollywood made some cupcakes. She used a yellow cake mix and turned it purple. And she bought the biggest bag of candy corn she could find. I'm so screwed.

My newest little cousin made his appearance Halloween! What a fun birthday to have. I went to visit him this morning and he is so sweet.

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  1. yay!!!! love those spiders - awesome. it seems like there is always a party at your house with all the fun food.


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