Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Just Hanging Out

I finally finished the top to this scrap quilt at our quilt retreat. All I needed to do was stitch down the appliqued hearts, but it sat in the WIP file for a while. I found the pattern in a magazine and thought it might be a great way to use up my scraps. Didn't even put a dent in them. I need to make 700 more scrap quilts.

This bell pepper coaster was in a book I bought recently. Easy and fun. The hardest part was finding scraps in pepper colors. I didn't bring my scraps to the retreat. Luckily, I have friends with fabric. ;)

Look who was hanging out Sunday enjoying a little sunshine after a rainy day. He scared Hollywood and her little charge away from the front door. Maybe he will work on solicitors as well. When I went to get a picture of him, Hollywood's charge said "do you want me to stand by him?" Ha! What a jokester. I don't think he was joking though.

My herbs are still on overdrive, so I clipped a ton of oregano and dried it. It smells so good. Makes me crave pizza. A gross caterpillar ate two of my tomatoes, so Inspector Gadget flicked him in the pool. Not my idea of caterpillar elimination, but I didn't want to handle it. Yuck.

I've pulled some fabric for the Giant Starburst Quilt. Looking forward to using that white on white floral so it will go away. Where did I get that stuff? I swear I have 20 yards of it. It's really not that bad, but I prefer solid white. I'm going to use this stuff first.

Hollywood's charge loves to craft. She brings him over for craptastic craft sessions and Sunday dinner while his parents are at work. I'm all ready for a brown bag turkey puppet next time. Good thing I've saved all the crap craft stuff my kids used to create with. We may have to try wood burning next.


  1. Fun bell pepper! Lot of happy projects at YOUR house + SNAKES!!! :)

  2. Love your scrap quilt - that is so cute! I agree - I could make about 700 scrap quilts and it might make a dent. One is at least a start!

    Cute pepper too! Not-so-cute snake. :)


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