Friday, August 9, 2013

Yeah, basically I just eat and goof off.

I gave this Chipotle Sweet Potato Salad a try. It ain't my momma's potato salad, but it was okay. Different and a wee bit spicy. Now I need some of my momma's potato salad. I could eat my weight in that stuff. Luckily, I can make my mom's potato salad, but mine never tastes as good.

Speaking of my momma, my cousins and I had brunch for our parental units before they sailed off to the Bahamas. My cousins had to dog sit my aunt and uncle's crazy, energetic dog. I should have brought her over here to run circles around Bones. I wish I had gotten a picture of Nina, but she's just a blur on film. She's really cute though. If you can get her to sit still long enough to look at her.

I brought a tomato onion quiche and spinach, cheddar, egg ham cups.

There were also Mimosas and Bloody Mary's, plus all this other great grub. I stole my cousin's Instagram picture. The sailors were happy to visit and get fed before they boarded their ship.

It was fun seeing everyone and letting a one-year-old play with my camera. Kidlet needs a little more practice. Most of her shots were blurry or pointed at the ceiling. And no, I did not brush my hair that day. What can I say? I'm a mess. I was just thrilled she liked me. We played kill the camera and sticker books. And then she got in the dog bed. I'll show her that picture when she hits middle school.

My cousin wanted a quilt, so I gave him this one a few years ago. I told him the more he washed and used it, the softer and better it would get. Here it is on their couch. It's his favorite "blankie" and very soft. It may seem odd to see a quilt on a couch during Florida summer, but I have them too. The air conditioning gets chilly and who doesn't like to cuddle with a quilt when watching inappropriate television?

Retail therapy. I've been eyeing that crab plate for months and the set finally went on clearance. I can't wait to use them for appetizer night. The ceramic berry basket was a deal too. Now I have to redo my kitchen to match my new things. Just kidding.

Finally making progress on this scrap quilt I wasn't so thrilled about. I just need to stitch the hearts down. I might even try quilting it myself. Or not. Happy weekend!

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