Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Stitch and Flip Improvisation Workshop

Our second workshop was Stitch and Flip Improvisation. I loved this technique and the design opportunities are endless. So many different looks from a variety of blocks. You can start with background squares or rectangles.

See all the variations Jacquie created? So much fun to be had with this simple and improvisational piecing technique. I really loved the navy blue background. I'm going to have to get some navy solid soon. The biggest chunk of solid I could find in my stash was white.

Go, go guild girls. We had a sold out class of 20 for this workshop. Our space was a little tight, but it didn't keep us from designing unique configurations of these blocks. We had tons of creativity flowing and I loved seeing all the different fabric combinations everyone had.

Here's my start. I still have a bunch of blocks to make, but I'm loving it so far. I started with 4.5" x 6" rectangles and scraps in blue, teal, and green. I was going with an ocean color scheme. I'm working on more of these blocks today and watching a Snapped marathon. I've got artisan bread rising too. Love those slow work days.

We starve at our guild functions, so I brought Inspector Gadget's favorite pot luck dish, Seven-layer Mexican dip. He swears his coworkers ask for this at their pot lucks, but I think he makes that up, because this dip is his absolute favorite. I had to sneak out of the house with it.

Just kidding, we never starve. It's like a Medieval feast every time. Our guild has come a long way from four people showing up at Sew Day each with a tub of hummus and a bag of pita chips. We're still big hummus fans.


  1. love your stitch and flip design. I am doing Jacquies Craftsy class but to do an actual class with her would be so much fun. Off to make some hummus-love it and homemade is so much nicer.

  2. We are having Jacquie at our MQG in October! Looks like so much fun! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great color choice on your blocks! If you saw my stash you'd know I'm partial. I'm still figuring out fabrics for Jacquie's slice/insert class next weekend. Thanks for the preview!


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