Saturday, July 20, 2013

Super Saturday

My week started out interesting. The Inspector and I drove down to Miami Monday. He needed to take some shots and survey a few cell tower locations. I invited one of my clients in Miami to lunch, so he dropped me off in downtown Miami while he went to another site to check a roof for leaks. I tried to take artsy shots of the towers, but I was more concerned about stepping on snakes. Many are in remote locations.

Look who decided to nap on the quilt I was trying to bind. This baby is huge, 72" x 86". Definitely one of the biggest quilts I've ever completed. Too bad it's not really my style. I'm sure I'll find a good home for it.

Ta da! All bound. I need to take a full shot, but the weather has been rainy.

Before and after roast chicken. The celery, carrots, onion, and garlic act as the roasting rack and produce very flavorful pan juices. Then I just skim off the fat and reduce to a sauce consistency. Sometimes I thicken with flour, but usually I'm too lazy.

I had a special request for buttermilk biscuits and chicken gravy that night. I have several biscuit gravy dunkers who were in hog heaven.

College Boy brought this home for lunch one day. Panera Bread's macaroni and cheese in a sourdough bread bowl. He ate the whole thing. Is this even legal? Would you like some carbs with your carbs and cheese? I gained five pounds taking a picture of it.

This is why I avoid Wally World. Don't look if you're easily offended. Oh, go ahead, live a little. I'm already thinking of excuses to get out of accompanying Inspector Gadget for his weekly Sunday morning trip there. What are bunions?

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