Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Eats

I've made this watermelon salad at least two times this summer. I discovered it a couple of summers ago. Watermelon, feta cheese, basil, and lime juice. It's really light and refreshing. The watermelon is always at its best this time of year. I've been going nuts at the produce market. Everything is so plentiful and inexpensive in the summer.

Italian parsley is another plentiful herb during summer. I can find beautiful, big bunches for fifty cents each. Hollywood and I can live off tabbouleh. We like it with Triscuits or pita chips. Tabbouleh is another easy salad of soaked bulgur wheat, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, parsley, lemon juice and olive oil.

I made a chunky guacamole for happy hour over the weekend. The avocados are dirt cheap too. It's nice to find some that are already ripe the day you want to eat them. Usually avocados determine when you can eat them. I can't get enough of them.

We ate crab legs on the fourth of July, but someone still wanted barbecue foods. I made the Pioneer Woman's Cowboy Bacon Beans, macaroni salad, and brats. I smushed the chunky guac and added the watermelon salad and tabbouleh to my very full plate. I'm not a fan of brats, but I tried a slice and gave the Inspector the rest. He loves brats. And hot dogs. And sausage. I don't buy any of those, but they land in my fridge on occasion.

I extended the long holiday weekend and spent yesterday at the beach with Hollywood. It was so beautiful and the water was just perfect. Great waves and the perfect temperature. It was nice to take my daily walk in a different environment.

We almost skipped the beach and rented one of these little buggies instead. Might be scary on the road with the big cars. Ha! Okay, off to get more produce. And fried chicken. Isn't that a summer food?!

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