Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Funday

Give these Crockpot Cheeseburgers a try if you can't get to a grill and want a delicious and different cheeseburger. The recipe makes a ton, so adjust accordingly. Does anyone remember the Rosanne show? Didn't Rosanne and her sister open a loose meat restaurant? Did I dream that? We topped our loose meat sandwiches with romaine lettuce, summer tomatoes, sweet onion, and pickle.

My basil bush was out of control, so I got the Inspector to pull the good leaves from his trimmings and I dried the leaves in the oven. The bush is still going strong, so I'll have fresh basil as well. I wish I had luck with other herbs. I have oregano and rosemary, but they don't do as well as the basil. Our jalapenos are plentiful too.

I started a postage stamp quilt last week between work projects. This section measures 31" x 37" and the 480 squares finish at 1.5". The squares are strip pieced and sub-cut, so it's not as involved as it looks. I dug into my scrap bags for the colored squares and chopped into my black and white fabrics going for a checker board look.

Blah, blah. Love that fabric. I finished up the last few blocks and piecing the top at our Sew Day Saturday. We have a bonus Sew Day Monday. I'm going to ignore work and take advantage of an extra day of sewing, laughing, and eating.

I cut borders to make this approximately baby quilt size. The backing is cut and has chickens on it. And lo and behold, I cut binding strips. I'll even attempt quilting diagonal lines through the squares. Maybe every other diagonal line of squares. Wish me luck.

We were out of non-penicillin bread, so I used this recipe from October Farms. I halved the recipe so it only made one loaf. The recipe is practically foolproof and only used six ingredients including water.

It baked up to a nice loaf. I think I forgot to brush the top with melted butter before baking. Or maybe I did. Seems like it would be glossier.

After cooling, it sliced easily with a bread knife. The bread was great on its own and especially good toasted. I had a toasted, buttered slice topped with a poached egg for breakfast one morning.

College Boy's favorite meal is chicken shish kabobs. I grilled these on my charcoal grill between rain storms. The kabobs had marinated chicken breast chunks, pineapple, red and green pepper, and red onion. Delicious. I served them with baked rice and a fruit salad. The oven was still warm from the bread, and I didn't have time to watch a pot of rice boil over while I grilled, so I baked it. Easy dinner.

Off to the lake today. I need to apply my SPF600 and get my hat. Ha!


  1. The bread looks marvelous! I like the black and white squares with your checkerboard--may have to copy you on that! :)

  2. you can come cook for me and get paid in fabric any time. love love your fun quilt - turned out so great. good luck with the quilting.


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