Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Stole a beer and made this Cheddar Dill Beer Bread. I had to have that blue Tumbleweeds Pottery bread crock when I saw it and I've probably only used it twice. Need to work on that. I have numerous bread fans in the house and I love baking bread.

Then it got all healthy up in here and I made these Baked Zucchini Sticks with Sweet Onion Dip. Hey now, zucchini is a vegetable. And I replaced most of the mayo in the dip with low-fat yogurt and sour cream. So there's that.

The baked treats were supposed to make up for meatless marinara sauce. My meat eaters played nicely and didn't complain. They didn't even comment on the tiny diced carrots in the sauce. I exercised restraint and left out olives and capers.

Someone come bind this monster quilt for me. This quilt is a Quiltville Mystery called Double Delight. I have no idea when I made it, but I used fabric I acquired from a quilter who gave up quilting. Can you imagine?! The fabrics aren't anything I would normally purchase, but they were excellent quality and perfect for practice. I can honestly say it was pieced after 2007. Eagle Mountain Quilting did the lovely quilting just this year. At this rate, it should be bound by 2020.

Eek! I'm almost out of thread. I have several spools in this condition. Well, not this bad, but with not much thread on them. I guess I grab a full spool when they get low. I use the smaller spools for travel, but they were adding up. I'm using them up while I wait patiently for my thread order. Red, my machine, likes Connecting Threads cotton thread. She's picky that way.

Bow tie city. Up to 91 blocks. I'm already doing math to see how few I'll need for a baby quilt. Told you I would get bored. But it has been fun playing with all the fabric. And I'm conducting very scientific testing for fabric durability. Some of these fabrics are a little crunchy. If I can rip them with my bare hands, they get tossed. There weren't many.

Here are a few of my favorite prints in the old stash. One good thing about this project is the clean out and organization. So inspiring and freeing. Maybe I'll tackle my master closet next. Ha! I crack myself up.

I tried to make a little bow tie block the size used in my inspiration quilt, but apparently I stink at quilt math. Add an imaginary seam allowance and you get the idea. Now back to work before my boss discovers I'm goofing off. Enjoy your day.

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  1. you crack me up. thanks for the laughs this morning. someone voluntarily gave up quilting? aiyee, heretic.


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