Monday, May 6, 2013

Sunday Stash #71 on Monday

Not much to show this Sunday Stash. Probably a good thing. The Dr. Seuss fabric reminds me of my favorite childhood books. The good doctor instilled my love of reading at a very early age. I had coupons at my local quilt shop, so I treated myself to a yard and a larger add-a-quarter ruler for paper piecing.

I made a Derby pie Saturday to occupy some time. It was either bake or clean. The pie is basically a chocolate pecan pie, but not as custard-y. I heard it was good. That crust is pretty rustic looking. I tried an oil crust for a change.

Look, conveyor belt sushi at the mall. I wonder if it's any good?

Hollywood picked my gardenia bush/tree clean. Unfortunately, these blossoms have no scent. Whatsoever. They never have. At least they're pretty.

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  1. chocolate pecan pie sounds delish - how could you resist eating any? I'd have had the whole pie taken care of in a couple of hours... cute fabric!


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