Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Forty Something

Saturday was our guild's monthly Sew Day. I worked on various projects including our June BOM which was fun and easy.

I bought this alien panel on clearance somewhere and added sides to make it bigger. I meant to make the sides different widths. Not. It's hard to measure without the proper tools. We talked about having a travel bag filled with duplicate tools we use for sewing and quilting. I forgot scissors this time. A tape measure would have been nice too.

Hollywood and her charge, Gilbert came over for a swim lesson Sunday. Unfortunately, it rained cats and dogs, so we had to entertain the little busy bee indoors most of the afternoon. A calculator is a fun toy, right? He did get a swim lesson yesterday. I forgot how hard it was to teach a child to hold their breath under water. This goof was taking large "breaths" as soon as he went under. I told him to quit drinking all my pool water.
See why I call him Gilbert? He's as comical as Gilbert Gottfried too. 

This button has been floating around my studio for a few years. In 10 short days, I won't be able to claim this. Yep, the big 5-O for me. Eek!

Actually, I'm kind of excited. Especially since birthdays come with gifts. My friend Wendy sent me these beautiful oven mitt-shaped hot pads. They're way too pretty to use. I love seeing all the fabrics she's been working with.


  1. happy birthday! you'll be fine with 50. I have a birthday at the end of the month too. what day is yours?

  2. Don't tell me your birthday is less than 10 days away!!! That means June is less than 10 days away and I have WAY too much to do before then! ;-) Happy early birthday!!! 50 is a piece of cake - literally!

  3. I left 60 behind 2 years ago and every day is a fun day. numbers mean nothing, just get out there and have fun.

  4. :). You're beautiful at any age. And that little guy will keep you young!

  5. Your creativity and stellar sense of humor are age-defying! Celebrate your gifts, they are wonderful. :)

  6. Yeah, 50 is tough but nothing like what comes later. Enjoy and don't be shy: ask for a lot of gifts!


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