Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Waiting and Whining

Did you see this hilarious Ron Swanson quilt? He's a character on the television show Parks & Recreation. Monica is having a quilt along if you want to make one. The first three blocks are posted.

Played with a few solid scraps and made this 9" x 12" quilt for AAQI. It's okay. I need to get back into the creative saddle. This real job and real family keeps getting in the way. I'm currently on a 30 minute or longer hold with the IRS to request return transcripts for everyone in the house. College boy's transcript was the only hiccup, the rest were easily acquired online. Why do the colleges suddenly need this stuff? My kids earned their scholarships fair and square. Cough up the funds, pretty please. P.S. The IRS has irritating wait music.

Made some buttermilk bread the other day. It was okay. I won't bother sharing the recipe, but the loaves did turn out pretty. Inspector Gadget likes it because it has a soft crust. Apparently the crusts on my artisan loaves are too tough. Hmmph. Okay, enough whining. I am super excited to receive my very first Homegrown Co-op vegetable basket today. It's being delivered. I can't wait to see what's in my mystery basket.

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  1. Today must be National Be Placed on Hold Day :( I spent over an hour on hold with my son's school trying to change a class...UGH!! Saw the Ron Swanson quilt, but didn't have a clue who he was...haha! Hopefully, tomorrow will be a much better day for the both of us!!


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