Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Love

Too busy to make a proper breakfast most summer days, so I improvise with a slice of buttermilk blue and Triscuits. Good thing I work alone, huh? I am so sorry I discovered buttermilk blue cheese. I could eat it at every meal. I do not need to be eating cheese at every meal.

I was very pleased with my first Homegrown Co-op season's best vegetable box. I had it delivered, so it was really convenient. There are two heads of buttery Bibb lettuce, cherry tomatoes, various eggplants, zucchini, one sweet potato, radishes, and garlic chives.

Then we went to a local farmer's market/food truck event. It was dark by the time we got there and most of the vendors and trucks were packing up, but I snagged some tomatoes and peppers. The stand's owner gave me the cherry tomatoes as a gift with purchase. I hear they have a cheese tent each week too. We will have to go earlier next time. I see plenty of tomato sandwiches in my future.

I received some free olive samples. I used one of the packages in a chicken dish and they were delicious.

College Boy gave me my camera back. We were sharing it, but mostly he used it. He got a new camera, so I can resume practicing with the Nikon. I put my "girlie" camera strap cover back on and am ready to roll.

Speaking of bad poor house snake is injured. I'm not sure if a lawn guy got him or something else. He's lying on one of my shrubs either trying to die or heal. Inspector Gadget checked on him this morning and he tried to strike at him. I did my snake scream from the safety of the pool deck and scared the Inspector and half the neighborhood. Guess that saying "madder than a snake" holds true. If I get braver, I'll try to get a better picture, but don't hold your breath.

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  1. Thanks soo much for the link to the coop! I am going to try them next week. I used to belong to a basket-of-veg-a-week from Apopka (yes, I drove there every week to get my stuff) and loved it. But this was before locavores appeared on the surface of the planet, so they went bust. I'm ready for another try! Tell me the snake did not end up in any of the dishes.


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