Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fourth of July Tomorrow

I've been pinning so many things on Pinterest. I wish blog surfing paid money and had an affordable insurance plan. Maybe even a pension. A girl can wish. These brown sugar cookies were the bomb. I don't normally eat sweets, but I had to try one. Delicious. Soft and chewy. I usually have the simple ingredients on hand, so you don't have to hit the grocery store just to whip up a batch. I did use light brown sugar versus the dark brown, but it worked. Inspector Gadget was making ice cream sandwiches with them with a tiny scoop of Starbucks coffee ice cream.

Yumi sent another care package from Japan as well as three more quilts for AAQI. After the holiday and mini vacation, I need to get these beauties registered. I hope I can find some minis of my own to send.

Kyoto Pinwheel
Free Wheeling


  1. Your friend Yumi makes such lovely quilts for AAQI!! Thanks for sharing the link to those cookies...they look great :-)

  2. Love Yumi's AAQI Quilts!


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