Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lake Life and Sunscreen

College Boy on the Dock
We spent part of Sunday out on the lake. It was a beautiful day and both kids (and mom!) braved wake boarding and skiing. The death wish tube got left behind, thank goodness. As I type this post with my nose, because I'm ancient and should not be water skiing, I will also add that even the fit and skinny teens were whining about sore muscles. It appears that being towed by a ski rope at high speeds is not kind on the muscles no matter what your age. Sure is fun though! And what a treat to have the entire family together for a little sun and fun.

I whipped up this easy tote for a new summer boat bag. Thanks Noodlehead! Love your blog! Your tutorials are so clever and nicely written. I'm the one that carries all the sunscreen, lip balm, hand sanitizer, hair clips, dry clothes, towels, camera, and snacks, so I need my tote.

I've lived my entire life in Florida and my skin has paid for it. Back in the day, we didn't have sunscreen. Yep, I'm that old. I burned (and blistered!) many times during annual lobstering vacations in the Keys and while playing outside. My dermatologist probably gets downright giddy when I make my appointment. I've been carved on, biopsied, frozen, lectured, and more. I thought this video was informative and to the point. Funny, I ran across it as a public service message from one of my favorite bloggers. Small world. A world that revolves around the sun. So wear sunscreen and get a screening from a dermatologist if you've ever been sunburned. It can't hurt.


  1. that was an excellent video. good thing I'm a brunette and have never liked sports or the outdoors much. I remember a high school friend who loved skiing in the springtime and the peeling nasty sunburns she'd get. ayee.

  2. A personal thank for promoting sun safety. As a melanoma patient myself, I tell people that Stage III or IV melanoma has one of the lowest cure/survival rates of any cancer. Skin cancer isn't a "little" thing, and it can strike anyone at any age.


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