Sunday, June 13, 2010

More Nature in the Neighborhood

Spotted a critter in my backyard early Saturday morning. I thought it was a cat. When I went out to the pool deck it ran to tree. Then it came back to dig under my gardenia bush. It was a raccoon. Hubby and I watched it dig and find eggs. I'm not sure if the eggs were turtle or snake eggs, but I'm hoping they were snake eggs. Do snakes even lay eggs? The raccoon wasn't afraid of us even when hubby sprayed him with the hose. Guess hunger beat out timidness. He ate about 10 eggs while we watched him.
I rescued this guy out of the chlorine while we watched the raccoon eat breakfast.
Some siggy blocks I made for a college student's quilt. Someone else is putting it together, thank goodness.
Ladybug ATC. I haven't made artist trading cards in a while. Kind of a fun diversion.

More hexagons! The finishing directions from the quilt along are posted, so maybe I can finish a couple of quilts. Thanks Jaybird Quilts for the awesome instruction and inspiration! The top pile is the original project, which spiraled into a smaller version using some Flea Market Fancy I unearthed. Did you know there is a site for Flea Market Fancy Freaks? I think I bought a jelly roll of it before I knew it was such a popular fabric line. I may play with some other settings as I haven't sewn any of those together. The bottom mini was the English Paper Piecing hand sewn project I've been working on forever. I do love the look hand sewn hexies, but I am so slow at making them.

Threw together some four patches during a fit of boredom.
I found these blocks in a pile of UFO's and put them together. I don't remember working on them. I remember the original project I cut the strips for, but I don't remember making these little blocks.

I absolutely adore the OZ fabric line by Sanae. Moda makes it. I bought some charm squares and made two Dresden Plate blocks. I think I'll do some funky piecing with the rest of the squares and turn this into a table runner or something. After cutting the blades, I used the scraps to make a little coin quilt for a friend.


  1. Thanks for rescuing the frog! I do love frogs... raccoons, notsomuch.

  2. Hi there, I found your blog through the toy society blog and I wanted to say Hi. I have been drooling over all your wonderful projects and fabrics. I especially love your ATC and the mini quilts you make as well.
    Have a great day,

  3. Gee - and I have been missing all your creations....sadness here. See FB has positive things to offer. It is where I get the best updates on most of the grandkids.

  4. WOW you've been busy. I love the quilts/blocks you've made. And you do have some wildlife living over there. YIKES.

  5. Spent the weekend with your friend, Rene from Rene Creates...she said I had to check out your blog. She was right, it's great!


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