Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Awkward Photos

I'm trying to sell some old cross stitch pattern books and I ran across this doozy. Who do you think got a hold of the scissors? Or did mom mess up with the scotch tape bang trimming? Did your mom ever use scotch tape to trim your bangs? Or how about give you a Toni home perm when you were five? Or was I the only child being experimented on? Want some close-ups of these cuties? They really are darling even with the haircuts. I sure wish I knew who they are. The booklet is copyright 1981, so they're probably in their twenties now. They might want these shots for their Faceplace pages. For more crafty and odd photos, check out this old blog. Go pee first.

I was cleaning out my photo files and found a few more. This chicken one probably isn't awkward to anyone but me, but I must have been bored enough to take a picture. Note I only paid $3.31 for that chicken. But still.

The happy couple at my cousin's wedding. Kidding.

My friend Kathy getting wiggy. Hi Kath! I'll buy lunch next time. She is usually a dead ringer for a young Martha Stewart.

Okay, okay, I'll play too. My kindergarten picture. See, my hair wasn't much better then the little gals above. Wish I had the perm rods photo scanned in. Yes, mom took a picture too. It's no wonder I'm odd. If you want to see some real awkward photos, check out Awkward Family Photos.

I'll get back to quilts soon. I've been busy with work and summer festivities and have been thinking of ideas for Doll Quilt Swap #9. Hope everyone is staying cool.


  1. Those bangs WERE awesome - wow. And no fair - your pic is adorable! You need to work harder to provide us an awkward photo of you.

    And, I hate to break it to you, but if that book was from 1981, then those kids are in their 30's. 1981 was my year of birth, and I'm 28...(sigh)

  2. I think those kids would be in their 30s now, I wonder if they remember that they were on a book cover?!

    Yes, I had scotch tape bangs and Toni perms...definitely not "a good thing". Holy cow, this post made me laugh.

  3. I can't believe you posted that picture!!! ha ha You owe me a good lunch I think with a hunk of "Banana Dream" cake!!

  4. how do you cut bangs with scotch tape? obviously i need to do this to liam when he is a little older. there is nothing like that traumatizing hair cut from your mom : )


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