Thursday, June 17, 2010

They Weren't Turtle Eggs

Hubby was tinkering with the sprinkler system after dinner last night. Some of the controls are buried in the ground. Look what he found when he opened the lid to the controls! Of course I was called to witness. The raccoon was eating the same type of eggs Saturday morning. And now there's more. Ick. Ick. Triple ick. I had to see what was inside of these eggs. Messing with Mother Nature is probably what got me in this mess in the first place. But do I learn? No.
Doesn't look like a turtle to me! The little baby snake is curled up, but stretched out he would be about 10-12". Him and his six siblings! Egad. My silly snake(s) think my yard is a nursery. Thank goodness for raccoons and teenagers who will hum said eggs into the lake. Sorry I messed with nature, but hey nature, "leave me alone!"

Summer vacation has started. My home has been filled with hungry teenagers. My daughter has tons of friends that like my cooking. It's nice having lots of people to feed. The only problem is that they want to play Scrabble with me until 2 am. Some of us are not on summer break. At least I'm keeping them off the streets, right? Tonight I might sell them to gypsies! I'm tired.

I made pillow covers for our couch pillows. Hopefully it will cut down on the feather leakage that drives me nuts.

The end.


  1. Those baby snakes are super cool!! I would be elated at such a fun find...ship 'em to me??

  2. snakes!! eeekks! as long as they're not dangerous i think it's fine, but i'd still keep them away. ;-)

  3. i'm telling you. there is only one cure to drive the snakes out of your life- a snake charmer quilt. i'd start a sewin if i were you....


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