Sunday, September 13, 2009

My Doll Quilt Arrived!

My beautiful quilt from Brittney arrived! It's so cool! Great fabrics. The infamous white contrast. And a super cool back! She even sent some stuff for my kitchen and a pincushion! Check out the cupcake pincushion! Even Mr. Nostalgic Cafe noticed it, which is huge! Looks good enough to eat!


  1. Hello Michelle,
    Thanks for joining the blog swap. I always admire people who quilt. It requires a lot of patience ;-). Enjoyed Your Creative Space post the most. I noticed you have the 2 most important thing (to me) side by side - laptop and sewing machine! How convenient hehehe...

    Grace (ellysn @ swap)
    Visit my blog:

  2. Very cute. Sounds like a fun swap.


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