Monday, September 7, 2009

Hello Swap-botters!

Welcome to my boring blog! I never seem to have much to say! I have been busy making some things for swap-bot though. Recycled materials ATCs, a zombie, a teeny tiny stuffie and bookmarks. I'm Michele360 on swap-bot and hope to have you as a partner some time!


  1. Hi there, gosh you are busy! Would love to have you for a crafting partner on another swap!! I love quilting too but am fairly new to it! I love the teeny stuffie. x (VforViolet - swapbot)

  2. Your little zombie is so cute! I'm just starting to feel a little Halloween-y--very fun!

    --Meryl (from Swapbot)

  3. Your dong so many swaps! I could never keep up LOL 1 a month is it for me! The tiny stuffie is so cute!

    Anyways i'm ganty on swapbot and added you to my blog


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