Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Stash #84

Remove child before washing. Excellent care instruction. I love funny garment tags.

I saw this one a long time ago. Has College Boy written all over it.

Two more toy sewing machines arrived in the mail. I love this red one by Kay-an-ee. It came with an ancient spool of boilfast Coats & Clark's thread. I wonder if I should start naming these little things like I name my sewing machines? The seller said this machine belonged to her Aunt Jane, so that's an easy one.

This little black number was made in Germany. The decals are fun and it's a sturdy little thing. Inspector Gadget wants to clean it up, so no telling what it will look like once it gets its makeover.

That extra day off for the fourth of July holiday gave me a little time to shop online. I found a good sale at Quilt in a Day. They were giving away some of the stuff. Well, practically. Eleanor Burns was one of my first quilting "teachers," so I like to support her company. And by teacher, I mean her books, television shows, and videos.

It's Sunday, let's go sew!

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  1. Love those little sewing machines!
    That mod fabric shown first is gorgeous. I want it.


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