Monday, July 7, 2014

Goodies from Japan

Yumi surprised me with a big box of fun. I can't believe she gave me her very first "soccer" bag. It's tiny, so that makes it even cuter. The hexies are only 2.5" across. Yumi made several of these bags while her dad was getting better in the hospital. Her pop is home now and reunited with his beloved kitty.

The soccer theme continued with nori rice ball wrappers that transform rice balls into fun soccer balls. I guess Yumi has World Cup fever too! The green curry tuna looks delicious. I can't wait to try it. I'm going to give that coworker that opens tuna every afternoon a run for his money!

Hollywood and her charge are going to make the candy sushi. There's a video that shows how to do it. Hollywood's Japanese language skills are nil, so she might need the video.

The beautiful fabrics on the left are from kimonos, I believe. I also received the prettiest scarf, which is gigantic. Maybe I'll be able to wrap it fashionably. I love scarves, but I can never get them to look right. I bet there's a You Tube video that could help me.

College Boy was able to preview the new Harry Potter area, Diagon Alley. He bought a wand that interacts with items in the park.

One night after work, Inspector Gadget decided we should ride our new SunRail commuter train. We parked our car at the depot close to the house and sat in the upper level for the ride. I'm happy to say we didn't hit any cars along the way. Apparently, people in central Florida like to disobey railroad crossings. Luckily, no one has been hurt, but this train has only been open two month and four cars have been creamed.

We got off the train in Winter Park and had a hard time choosing where to eat. There are so many places we wanted to try. We settled on Blu on the Avenue, which had a rainbow sushi roll special. They were also practically giving away Blue Point oysters. We ate those so fast I didn't have time for a photo!

After our huge appetizer course, we split a lobster cobb salad. The presentation was so pretty.

The lobster grilled cheese was very good too. We split that as well. Definitely no room for dessert, but we did have time to wander the area and stop off for a night cap before our came to get us.

 Here comes the train. Time to go home.


  1. Nice gifts! Fun times. We take our train downtown, too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Diagon Alley!!! I'm such a geek. that train ride looks fun and mmmm yummy food.

  3. Thanks for all the interesting things in your post. (Too much to comment on everything), or I'll have to start my own blog! I definitely want to try that restaurant, TY!
    And trains hitting cars??? (Just trying to delete "Stupid" from the Gene pool)! Great stuff from Yumi, as usual!


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