Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Stash #83

"Borrowed" from The Sewing Studio
Uh oh. The Sewing Studio had one of its 40% off everything sales on July 4. I had an open morning, so I buzzed up there and shopped with the crowds. It was my first time for one of these big sales and a lot of fun. Great shoppers, friendly staff, and tons of goodies to grab. This photo shows the line 30 minutes before opening. I was still at home. I bopped in around 20 minutes after they opened and there was no line. They even had parking attendants to help you park your car.

"The Exciter Pack" of Dye-na-Flow dyes. I bought some Kona PFD fabric for dyeing too. So many things to do with fabric.

Kona solids charm pack and a sunglasses print I really just wanted the selvage on. Ha, ha, I'm so bad. Hollywood loves it, so there's that. I can make her something with it and hoard the selvage.

Fun, fun fat quarters. Orange gingham...yes! Pretty sure I have some of the google eyes. I bought the Simpsons because it reminds me of College Boy. I delivered College Boy during an episode of The Simpsons. True story. I just looked up the episode and it was "When Flanders Failed." College Boy still loves The Simpsons.

The center fabric is Kokka from Japan. The stripe on the left was like a quarter a yard. The batik caught my eye as soon as I walked in the store. I love when people ask what you're going to do with the fabric. Uhm...not sure. Luckily they still let you buy it if you have no plan. Phew!

Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably love. I heart those guys.

Pop art fun. This is "Home Sewing is Easy: part 2 Hawaii." What a hoot. " this bikini top too revealing? I'll raise the hem on this little number..." Girls!

That rascal Jim!

Speaking of crowds, I visited our brand new Trader Joe's on the way home from The Sewing Studio. What a zoo! Fun stuff, though. I bought all kinds of junk. The store is smaller than the one I've been to in Indianapolis, but fun nonetheless.

Dried flattened banana is nothing like banana chips. They had so many dried fruits and vegetables. These cheese section had me drooling. I may have bought 30 lbs. of it.

My flowers are looking lovely. Just kidding, you know I can't grow stuff like this. These pretties were in a huge planter at Trader Joe's. Happy Sunday! Thanks for stopping by.


  1. You got some great fabric. That's me under the AC unit . One of the shoppers was lobbing bolts of clearance fabric into a big, black garbage can. Glad I wasn't behind her in the cutting line. Fun...... I will go again.

  2. whee, fun. good fabrics too. We're getting a Trader Joe's near me this year. woohoo!


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