Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday Stash #72

I found some fun novelty prints at my favorite quilt shop. Woodstock is so cute. I've always loved that comic strip. My dad read it to me everyday before I could read. I think a Peanuts quilt might be in order. Now where did I shove those Peanuts prints?

I also scored a new seam ripper at Jo-Ann's with a 50% off coupon. This one has a rubber cap that supposedly grabs the thread crumbs.

Guess who was the lucky raffle basket winner at our guild meeting? Lots of fun stuff in there. Fabric, rulers, quilt kit, and books. Now I get to fill it up for the next meeting. I'm sure I can find a thing or two in my studio. Or stop by another quilt shop and find some fun stuff.

I made this vegetarian Italian Wonderpot Sunday night. Fettuccine noodles, vegetable broth, canned tomatoes, frozen spinach, onion, garlic, and spices are thrown in a pot and all cooked together. Top with feta cheese to serve. It was too busy for pictures, but I highly recommend the recipe. It's so easy and quick too. Here's another version that replaces the spinach and feta with basil and Parmesan. I'm going to have to try that one too. I bought new pasta bowls with birthday money. Love them.

I'm still making Artisan breads. This whole wheat boule was great with the pasta. I made a big green salad to go with the pasta and bread, so dinner was a cinch. We were swimming and goofing off, so I didn't have time for my Sunday chicken dinner. I have to remember to dust the top with whole wheat flour before I cut the slits. Looks like a bird pooped on my bread. I get a big kick out of the "oven spring" when you bake one of these loaves. They really expand. Plus, the house smells like a bakery.

Yumi, my friend from Japan, sent a bunch of pretty little quilts for our guild's charity project. The animals at the shelter will be chillin' in style won't they? They're all so pretty and I'm pretty jealous of her mad free motion quilting skills.

She also sent a bunch of snacks to share. Thanks, Yumi! I know the Orlando Modern Quilt Guild members will enjoy seeing your quilts and sampling Japanese junk food goodies!

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