Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy Summer!

Sew Day was last Saturday and I didn't have any new projects to work on, so I quickly unearthed around six million works in progress and crammed them into my project bag. This Amish block-of-the-month was featured on the Cabin Fever Quilt Guild's web site. The block patterns are no longer available, but it was a fun series. I've had the blocks made for some time and finally put them together. Now to add a couple of borders to grow it.

I brought a Thai shrimp and lobster salad to share with my guild buddies. My local seafood shop has great seafood. It's hard not to buy everything. I've been craving conch fritters or ceviche and my local grocery store had some in their seafood case. I may have to run up there.

As you can see, we eat well at Sew Day. There was another table of desserts and coffee.

More unearthed projects sewn into practical potholders.

This boxy travel pouch was fun to make. I didn't use laminated cotton, but found some fun sewing themed fabric that matched my zipper.

I was getting low on peppercorns so I placed another Penzey's order. I am a bit obsessed with their spices. The creamy peppercorn spice (free gift) made a great salad dressing and they've been throwing in a free lemon pepper with my orders too.

My funny mom brought me this Talavera snake this week. She thinks it funny I'm such a snake magnet. I cringe every time I see it. Thanks, Mama. I collect Talavera pottery, displaying and using it in my home, but this one has to live outside. At least the real snakes are behaving for the most part this summer, although there was a tiny ring neck in the pool a couple of days ago.

I hope your summer is going along swimmingly. It's been a busy one for me. Lots of work and traveling and little sewing or goofing off. The best part about summer is all the afternoon storms. I love them. The humidity in Florida is awful, but there's always a swimming pool, shower, lake, or ocean to cool off in. And air of the best inventions ever. Happy summer!


  1. love the quilt - great colors. love your snake. bring it inside!!!! don't want someone to grab it... mwa ha ha ha

  2. You have been busy :-) I love your Amish blocks!!! The colors are so bold and beautiful. I tried Thai food for the first time last summer...loved it!!!

  3. haha, you have your own snake now!! I think of you every time we see one.


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