Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I Should be Prancercising

Mama's got a brand new bag. I used the Asian Fan Purse pattern by La Todera. Julie's patterns are so fun. I started this bag at our last guild Sew Day and promptly forgot about it. That's what happens when you clean your studio and cram projects out of sight. I found some time yesterday to finish it.

There's a magnetic snap closure and a pocket inside. I used some of Hollywood's old jean legs for the strap. The pattern is really easy and straightforward, but it still took me three tries to get the lining and outer bag put together correctly. Geez.

I made a huge Mexican meatloaf for our big family dinner Sunday. This is the only photo I managed with a full house of kiddos. I love veggies in meatloaf, but what I love best is cold meatloaf sandwiches. The tomato topping for this recipe was especially good. It's a moist meatloaf because of all the veggies. I'd probably add more bread crumbs or oatmeal next time.

Peach cobbler before baking. Again, my photography goes by the wayside when everyone is here. Everyone was eating this warm with vanilla ice cream. I used the recipe from Penzey's.

A little playing with selvages. As usual, I got a little turned around and it buttons on the back instead of the front. Still works though.

Perfect for business cards.

For my birthday on Saturday, I ate a mess of these out by the pool. A visiting four-year-old sat beside me and kept asking for more "chicken." It was the first time he had blue crab and he enjoyed watching them alive and kicking, but enjoyed the sweet meat even more. And no, crabs do not taste like chicken. Next time he's over for crabs, he has to learn to pick them himself. That's the rule.

I'm still making pesto. That grocery store, rescued from the trash, half-dead basil plant is really producing this summer. Must be all the rain, because I never remember to water my plants.

I unearthed one of my cast iron skillets to make cornbread. Greased it with bacon grease too. My grandmother would be proud. Now let's Prancercise!


  1. I should be prancercising too but can't find my pearls. Dang! Raincheck on that one. Actually I'd rather be eating a cold meatloaf sandwich. I saved the recipe, thanks! I'm collecting selvages to make something cute like your card wallet.

  2. My sister and I did a little prancerising after drinking a bit of wine this weekend. She was better at it than me but we both looked ridiculous!


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