Saturday, June 8, 2013

I Love the Weekend

I thought this little wallet organizer was cute. It whipped up quickly. I didn't have the proper size notepad, but I can remedy that easy enough. Because goodness knows I need another notepad. My paper collection rivals my fabric collection.

It took great constraint, but I picked the remainder of the birthday crabs and didn't eat as I picked. It's harder than it sounds. Well, at least for me. I picked about a pound of crab meat and made a bunch of crab cakes for dinner one night.

This is College Boy's favorite salad. It's a complicated recipe. Ha! I like to use Kirby cucumbers and Vidalia onions. Toss with white wine vinegar, salt, pepper, and dill weed. The longer they sit in the fridge, the better they get. The College kid can eat this entire bowl in one sitting. He might have had three large crab cakes and a huge mound of macaroni and cheese too.

Baked some chocolate donuts for the big kids. This morning, I saw Inspector Gadget eat the dud in the back with no icing with his bacon. Dunkin Donuts doesn't have anything on him. Did you hear about their new breakfast sandwich? At least his was turkey bacon. I finally figured out how to cook that stuff. A griddle gets it brown and crispy. Not bad. Not bacon, but not bad. We call it facon and people make faces when I make it.

I had two similar charm packs I've been stealing from for various projects. I decided to use the remaining squares to construct a little quilt. I'm going to find some matching border fabrics in solids.

Maybe it needs a dachshund on it. Oh, Bones.


  1. My Mom calls that particular cucumber salad 'refrigerator pickles' (mostly because that's what her grandmother called them), and they're a favorite here too.

  2. what I want is the crab cake recipe!

  3. Love your wallet organizer, especially that curved pocket. So cute! For dinner tonight I made Mexican Meatloaf from your last post and it was really good. Did I hear you say cold meatloaf sandwich? Uh huh.

  4. I admire your constraint ;-) I have fond memories of sneaking handfuls of crab meat while the grandparents were busy picking...and getting into lots of trouble!!

  5. That cucumber salad looks delicious!!


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