Friday, February 18, 2011

Orange You Glad You Stopped By?

I crack myself up! It's been an orange kind of day. Orange is my fav color, so it's also been a fun day.

First, we start with breakfast. I'm joking. I had scrambled eggs Mexican style and apple slices. We're on survival mode because I desperately need to grocery shop. Three people got tortillas with their eggs, I lost out unless you count the cheddar Goldfish I substituted for my "grain."

After breakfast, I goofed off with some more paper piecing. I printed out this pattern by mistake earlier in the week but never threw it away. Paper piecing is violent work. I usually need a seam ripper for the sewing part, but today I only used it to spear paper off the back side. I do not enjoy ripping the paper off. What a mess.

I found this Moroccan-inspired tiny dish at Michaels. The orange Koosh ball was rescued from my son's recent room clean up. I love Koosh balls. Wonder if Bones would love it? I may have to torment play with him later.

Then I went to Jo-Ann's to get another eco-friendly cup. This one is for cold beverages. Guess what color I chose? I used my $5 off coupon, so I'm contributing to saving the environment for a mere $1.05, including Florida sales tax. Here's the little beauty filled with water sitting by a stack o' orange fabric. Yes, I've lost my photo styling mojo.

I moseyed on to the produce market for a little sticker shock. Was winter bad or something?! I found some oranges and nectarines which fit with the orange theme, but how about those green striped heirloom tomatoes? I think they're a Zebra kind or something. They get a bit lighter when ripe, but they never get red. And they're not hard like the green tomatoes we Southerners like to fry. I wonder what they taste like? The other tomatoes were $40 a pound, so I went with the local, organic versions.

And finally, don't you think my daughter should clean her fish tank? A little murky, I'd say. Actually, this is one of several containers of shrimp heads I'm making shrimp stock out of. Lovely, huh? I wish you could smell the aroma in my house right now. I may have cats lining up at the door. I'm making shrimp risotto and spinach salad for dinner. Tonight's dinner will probably go over like a screen door in submarine for a few family members. At least there will be leftovers for the kitties.

Happy Friday everyone. I think it may be time for a screwdriver.


  1. Love love love the orange and white block! Worth the paper ripping, I say! Thanks for sharing the lovely pics, but I could have done without the shrimpheads, Ithink that one will haunt me! = )

  2. I also love the orange and white block. Try the water soluble paper for the back. (It's sew easy)!!

  3. love the photos. those green tomatoes are gorgeous. love the spiky block. mmmmm dinner sounds terrific. I'd eat that in a heartbeat!

  4. you never fail to crack me up, also I admire your culinary creativity as well as your fabric sense! love the "blues" as well as pineapple hazard! great name...


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