Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Blues

My two gallon bag of blue scraps was threatening to burst, so I got busy with some crumb blocks. I threw in some white too, but now I wish I hadn't. I'm hoping to have 20 twelve-inch blocks for a small quilt. Maybe I'll add some sashing too.

Wishing everyone in Chrischurch, New Zealand well after that devastating earthquake.


  1. I like the white. If you use white sashing and a large white border, those bits of blue will look like they're floating on the white background.

  2. oh, this is gorgeous already. i'm rather fond of the white, but then, i'm partial to white in quilts in general. i can't wait to see the end product...this is going to be fantastic.

  3. I really love all your blues.

  4. I'm with some of your other commentors...I like the white too!


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