Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope everyone is spending some time having fun.

Myself, I'll be playing with fabric. Some new ones, too! Lucky me!

Cotton & Steel prints keep growing on me. Loved these two by Melody Miller.

Sale stuff. I have some Dr. Seuss in my stash, so this panel will whip up into a quick quilt. I kind of want a Dr. Seuss quilt! I'm sure I'll find a kid who would love a Seuss quilt.

I won this Blueberry Park charm square pack at our guild meeting. Really love these prints. Such great colors, too. There's a cool version I might have to add to my collection.

Two-inch half square triangles from the trimmings of my purse strings blocks. There are only 320. Might make a cute something. They're all sewn together, I just need to finish trimming them. I'm using this super easy method that I wish I would have learned long ago. Here are some tutorials that show how. Half Square Triangle Trimming. And if you have an easy angle ruler, this way is even easier. Am I the last quilter that didn't know about this tip?

My Try the World box was from Thailand this time. I made the tom yum soup this afternoon and it is the bomb! I haven't tried anything else, but I will.

Look maw, I'm eating vegetables with my bleu cheese and baguette. Caramelized onions are a vegetable, right? We don't normally watch football, but the Super Bowl was a great excuse to eat tapas for dinner. I might even swing it again for Valentine's Day dinner.

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  1. fun fabrics and food. you don't need the Superbowl to have tapas.


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