Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Fun Day!

Finally found a way to hang my temporary design wall (aka flannel backed vinyl tablecloth). I've tried painter's tape, packaging tape, duct tape, and push pins. Seems that heavy cans of tomatoes and iron toy sewing machines are the best solution. Now I have no excuse not to vacuum my studio. I usually put my blocks on my design floor.

I attended World Quilt Florida right here in Orlando a few weeks ago. There were some interesting quilts and I had a little fun with the fabric vendors. I found some deals at the Pineapple Fabrics booth. Kaffe Fassett shot cottons and woven stripes on the left and a bundle of fun retro, novelty prints.

Charm squares!

Caught these in a sale.

I made a quilted planner cover for the quilting calendars our guild ordered. This is the outside. I fell in love with this retro comic book fabric. It's from Alexander Henry and called "Home Sewing is Easy." There's a second version, too.

Here's the inside. Skull and scissors crossbones and polka dots. Of course. The orange biz card holder is too small, but my cards fit in vertically.The polka dots are pockets.

Thats a zipper there! Easy peasy. I can cram all kinds of writing instruments in there.

Here's the planner installed. Now to schedule some sewing time!

I acquired a few books over the holidays.

Just look at that paella! We went to a paella party at Rene's house. Lots of fun company! Not only was the paella delicious, but th chef made appetizers and desserts to die for. We rolled ourselves out of their house! So fun and so good!

I have a Hungarian mushroom soup planned for lunch. It's so cold here. I'm changing up the recipe and adding in some celery, carrots, and the white wine I steeped the oyster mushrooms in. I'll use white mushrooms too. I'm in a cooking mood today, so no telling what gets made. 

Finished 20 Purse Strings blocks in pinks, yellows, and oranges. I wish I had made the 15" blocks, but I chose 12". I loved My Quilt Infatuation's color scheme, so I stuck with that. It's a fun and easy block and now I have 320 half square triangles from the trimmings. And yeah, I'm sewing those together. Scrappy, crazy, goodness.

On to more projects! And food! Have a great week!

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  1. So glad you stuck with your Purse Strings project--it looks great! (And sometimes the low-tech solution is the best, as with your design wall--!)


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