Saturday, February 27, 2016


I received a sweet package from my buddy Yumi in Japan. She always spoils me.

I love this pretty pouch. Yumi is a very talented sewer and quilter.

She sent these fun Japanese prints. I adore these!

Look at the cute selvage!

Anyone remember cassette tapes?

The English on Japanese prints are notorious and hilarious. It's one of the reasons I love them.

Come on smiled!!

I conclude this post with proof I really am a silly teenage girl. Taylor Swift polka dot Keds. Yes. They were on sale, but I might have paid full price if I. Maybe I'll save my dignity and take off the brass guitar pick. At least I gave up the saddle shoes. They weren't even popular when I was young, but my friend and I wore them like we were raised in the 50s. Goofs.

And I can always tone the Keds down with my new socks. I may need a stylist.

I made a pouch to match. Kidding.


  1. I "come on smiled" at your dotty keds! Must say I've never seen a guitar pick used like that. But you rock, so why not. :-)

  2. Even I would wear those Keds. The socks have Michele written all over.

  3. Love your fashion choices. Please don't grow up, you have plenty of time to do that!


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