Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Stash #90

Oh hey! That was a quick April! May Day is Friday. Need to break out the May pole. Ha!

I've been busy with my first Corporate 5K. I only did it for work. Peer pressure. It was kind of fun. I liked watching the people. I think 18,000 people showed up for it. I'm no athlete, although I did bike 5.5 miles this morning with the Inspector. All this extra calorie burning means I can eat more, right? Isn't that why you exercise?

I tried this honey buttermilk bread. The recipe said to put a pinch of ginger into the yeast mixure. Boy, did it make the yeast bloom. Wow.

Here they are at the second rise. These babies rose like crazy. Tall bread!

Here they are all baked off. It was a good recipe and solved our out of bread problem.

A guild mate was collecting tulip blocks for twin girls. I'm not sure I like the purple one, but maybe she will. They were fun to make, so there's that.

The Inspector stopped by the seafood shop Friday and bought gigantic shrimp from Argentina and a huge filet of mahi mahi. I used some of the shrimp and fish to make ceviche. I could eat ceviche every day. Inspector Gadget had leftover a ceviche, hard boiled egg and mayo sandwich this morning. He's odd.

Here's the stash part, finally. Kaffe Fassett's 2015 collective. Swoon. I just bought them to pet them. I love his use of color. There are some fish in this collective. And his signature big blossoms. So pretty.


  1. ceviche every day? I have to admit I've never tried it. Would the ceviche be before or after the cheese course? Mayo sandwich? eeeew. pretty fabric@!

  2. Your bread loaves look as yummy as that Kaffe bundle. It's hard for me to cut into my Kaffe fabric because I love it so much. Dumb, I know!


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