Monday, April 27, 2015


I made vanilla wafer banana pudding over the weekend. Apparently, no one here likes this dessert. Who knew? I hope I can find someone to eat this thing.

I love my new herb keepers. My parsley lasts so much longer and now I don't find slimy bundles of rotten parsley in the crisper. Now I need a cucumber keeper.

This challenge fabric from the Modern Quilt Guild has stumped me. I love it, but I couldn't figure out what to make with it. Part of the challenge was to try something new.

So I played with gentle curves, slice 'n dice, etc. Yuck. Poop. Not happy.

Then I hacked it up. This is me trying something new! Hacking up something I've sewn. Fabric waste city, but whatevs.

Dresden plate with a fussy cut center. I like it! I'm appliqueing it onto a big piece of white and plan to quilt it to within an inch of its life.


  1. That fabric has me stumped too. I really like your Dresden.

  2. I love your Dresden! I love the fabric too, but was too late to get any for the challenge. I can't wait to see all the finished stuff.


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