Monday, March 2, 2015

Itajime Shibori

I took a class for creating patterns on cloth with dye. The dyeing process we learned is called Itajime Shibori and is a shape-resist technique. You fold cloth and use pieces of wood or acrylic to sandwich the cloth. This is all held down with clamps, so the dye doesn't reach parts of the fabric. It's a fun process. Our instructor was the talented Kim Eichler-Messmer.

Class was held offsite in a bar just a mile or so from the Convention Center and my hotel. We used the bar's back outside patio to get messy. The bar looked like a popular night spot and there were colorful characters surrounding it. There was also a bail bond place across the street as well as a delicious Korean restaurant where some of us ate lunch.

This gal was famous in our class. Her design surprised her when she unfolded her fabric. Click on the photo to get a closer look. Ha!

Here are my creations hanging to dry. The yellow piece on the left was put in a bleach wash to reverse the technique. It was a fun class and I loved all the fabric everyone created. I still need to wash my fabrics before I use them. I have tons of dye and supplies left over, so I'm eager to try this technique again.

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