Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Guild Blocks of the Month

I'm caught up with the OMQG's block of the month. This friendship star is April's block. In dreamy blues with low volume background(s). I need more low volume fabrics. I had to use plain ole white this time.

This Circle of Friends block was fun to make. This was the March block, but I didn't have time to do it before the meeting. I'll have to see if Marge needs another block or add this to my pile of orphan blocks. I thought it was too pretty not to try. It's a bit wonky, but loveable.

I received my first (and only) Kickstarter product. Can't wait to try it out on cold butter. It grates the butter to make it spread easier. Genius, right? I also love the peeps that just keep butter on the counter. Apparently, it doesn't need refrigeration. I'm not brave enough, but I want to be. Eggs can be kept on your counter too. If I implement these practices and we all die, you'll know why. LOL!

This improv is getting larger and wilder. I may call it a day and surround it with big solid borders. And pass out sunglasses. It got a bit out of hand. You should have seen the wild cuts I made at Sew Day. Like drunken cuts. Elbow city. I bet you know what I'm talking about.


  1. I have a friend with backyard hens. When she gave me a dozen eggs recently, she told me they could be kept at room temperature. However, once they'd been refrigerated, they had to stay refrigerated.

    Also, I love your improv piece, but it looks like made fabric to me. What about cutting it up in to smaller pieces and mixing it with background fabric to make an entirely new design?

  2. I love the BOMs you made. I still need to make them. (One for the OMQG block, and the Circle of Friends is our BOM for Titusville, so I need to make one to show). I really like both blocks.
    I think butter will turn rancid if you keep it out and don't use it in a few days. Especially with the heat in Fl.

  3. so how well does the butter knife work? I LOVE the improv.


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