Sunday, March 15, 2015


800 blog posts. Wow to the wow. I'm such a yacker. Just wanted to say I enjoy each and every one of you. Those comments make me smile and I appreciate all of them.

I stumbled across this hilarious collection of Tumblr posts about family. This one made me LOL. I love a fun family.

How about a giveaway? Why not? I have stuff you might like. I might buy you something. Or make you something. It'll be a total surprise, but if you're game for something free in your mailbox that isn't junk mail, just leave a comment below. If you're a "No Reply" blogger, include your email address so I can contact you.

St. Paddy's Day is Tuesday. I like to celebrate with corned beef and cabbage. The Inspector likes to celebrate with Guinness drinks. We stocked up on all things Irish yesterday. We're not Irish, but any holiday that celebrates a saint who drove snakes out of Ireland, is a holiday right up my snake magnet alley. It's almost snake season, ya know.

I'm making this One Bowl Fudgy Whiskey Chocolate Cake today. That's the ganache melting above. If you're not into corned beef, boozy cake or beer, here are some green recipes I thought looked delicious. And they're healthy to boot!

This is a grandmother's flower for Eleni. I've followed the Stitched in Color blog for years. Rachel recently gave birth to a little girl who could use some special thoughts and wishes. Jodi at Tales for Cloth has organized a flower gathering to make a quilt for this sweet family. If you have a minute and like to EPP, maybe you can help the quilt grow. There's also an auction going on this weekend over on Instagram: auctionforeleni. I love the loving and giving nature of quilters.

Bones needed to go out while I was writing and this little guy was out on the pool deck. Did you hear my snake scream? So I guess it's officially snake season. Let the games begin.


  1. Congrats, Michele! May your next 800 posts be just as interesting as your first!

  2. Well, I expect nothing less than all that Irish stuff you're cooking. I love the hexies, and whenever I see some, I think of you. Wish I lived closer to you as I would collect all your snakes and put them in our barn. (We have way too many mice)!

  3. Snake season already? Yep, I'd scream too. Yay for 800 posts!

  4. I think that snake waits just for you each year! Congratulations on your 800th post. Your meals always remind me to be more adventurous in my cooking.

  5. Happy 800th! Thanks for the laughs - where else would I have learned about Prancing and the Honey Badger? And always enjoy your sewing projects and activities.

  6. I'm behind as usual on my blog reading, so congratulating you a little belatedly on the 800th post! Keep the posts coming. I love the hexie flower for baby Eleni.


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