Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

I whipped up a salsa to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Garlic, dried peppers, red onion, jalapeno and roma tomatoes.

I found some grape tomatoes too and grilled everything on my stove top grill pan. It would have been better on the grill, but I didn't have time to light a fire.

Whir evertyhing up in the food processor. Add a squeeze of lime juice and a pinch of salt. Fresh and yummy. Nothing like the jarred stuff.

Last week's roasted chicken was gigantic, so I made a batch of chicken salad. It made so much we got sick of it, but it was really good the first day or so.

Since it's Sunday, I'll show you my latest stash acquisition. Amy Butler organic goodness. So girly and bright. I can't wait to hack it up for something.

Our friend and his twin sister celebrate their birthday with a big seafood feast each year. There are always steamed crabs, which are my favorite. I didn't pass up on the clams, shrimp or oysters either.

There's always a big spread of food. Buffalo chicken dip, corn, gumbo and rice, cheeses, salads and desserts. Inspector Gadget signed me up to bring the Pioneer Woman's Olive Cheese Bread, which he loves. We made two huge loaves. I'm not going to lie, we ate for six straight hours. They are our Italian family and that's how Italians celebrate.

Jackpot! Look at the mustard on my crab. You're supposed to avoid it, but it's a rare occurrence and a true delicacy. Now off to Kobe to celebrate Mother's Day. I may need stretch pants tomorrow.

Happy Mother's Day to all

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  1. Your salsa looks divine. I'll definitely try roasting the vegetables the next time I make it. You've got me hooked on sriracha meatballs!


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