Sunday, May 4, 2014

Quick Week

Oh my gosh, this Sun-dried Tomato Cod with Greens, Asparagus, Gold Potatoes was a real hit around here. The original recipe calls for collard greens, but those scare some people around here. I substituted spinach and left out the corn. After nearly 30 years, the Inspector is just getting used to eating green stuff. Stubborn much? Anyway, it's a quickie dish that you can whip up in no time. I have a love affair with little potatoes. These are the Honey Gold variety.

Did you watch the two minute Kentucky Derby? Horse racing makes me nervous, but I watched. None of the horses wrecked, so that was good. One of the gals at work made these Kentucky Derby cupcakes which had chocolate chips, walnuts and bourbon in them. This recipe is probably similar. They were so good. I don't usually eat sugar, but they corrupt me at work.

After a week of rain in Florida, today was gorgeous. Cooler, clear skies, gentle breeze. I love the rain, but it's nice to see the sun too. I wish I could tan, but my dermatologist is such a bubble buster. He's really pale too. Doesn't look healthy.

This guy was probably happy to feel the sun today. My first snake spotting of the year. I bet it won't be my last. Why do they love me so much?

This week's roasted chicken. I never get tired of it. I grilled romaine to go along with it. That freaks Inspector Gadget out, but then he remembers he likes it. I threw some avocado and cotija cheese on the romaine too. Kind of like this recipe but minus that killer tomatillo sauce. I'll be making the full recipe once I score some tomatillos.

Never being much of a pizza fan, I've gone nutso over this Rustichella pizza from our local pizza joint, Tartini. Put pancetta, roasted grape tomatoes, ham and arugula on pizza dough and shove it in my face. Oh, and I'll have a runny egg right in the center of the pie. So good. Let's go right now, I'll drive.

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  1. you're killing me, as usual. why can't my spouse love to cook this much? Inspector Gadget is far luckier than he realizes.


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