Thursday, June 7, 2012

Yay, Rain!

I forgot to show this Angel fish printed fabric panel I bought at The Quilt Place. It's a print of a painting by Suzanne Egan-Hill. I think it will make a pretty medallion for an AAQI quilt.

These Pizza Muffins are pretty easy and good. I bet little kids would love them. Inspector Gadget has a thing about "burnt" bread, so he made me pull them from the oven before they were done. Or maybe he was just hungry, because he ate five of them. I put pepperoni, black olives, red pepper, and red onion in mine. Serve with a salad and dinner is done in a flash.

And just to keep it real, our garden riches. I love seeing everyone's thriving gardens, I sure wish I could grow stuff. There are some talented gardeners out there. Our two pepper plants (jalapeno and habanero) and half-dead basil are laughable, but they do provide some flavor to our meals. That paper towel wrapped thing on the left is me trying to revive wilted basil. It works.

Playing around with batik scraps and a quilt-as-you-go technique. It's supposed to rain today, so I'm hoping to get some sewing time in. Or at least some fabric petting and playing time.


  1. Great fabric panel and quilted mini! Hope you get some sewing time in today. Maybe the rain will help with your garden. I'm hoping the rain doesn't put me in a lazy mood....I sure need to get some sewing in too.

  2. Great fish panel! I never saw it there.
    Hope you get better rain than I did.....lightning blew the transformer around 1:30am. Then "fixit" guys blew it again around 3am (lots of noise).
    I worried a lot about my machines in the shed, but morning shows all is good! Think I'll go sew some. (In case you don't get to). Someone has to. LOL

  3. Love the Fish, and those Pizza Medallions look divine!


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