Monday, February 20, 2012

Land of the Lost Blogs

I thought it was quiet around blogland these past few weeks. Oh well, more time to get things done. I was still getting some blog posts, so I didn't think much about it. But then today when I launched Google Reader it said I had over 500 unread blog posts. Whaaaaa?! I keep that list nice and tidy (i.e., I waste a lot of time reading blogs.) Surely it was an error, but no, I have over 500 unread blog posts! Like savoring a good book, I'm going to pace myself and enjoy everything I missed. If anyone can explain this phenomenon, I'm all ears.

In the meantime, I saw this funny handset for your smart phone today. Inspector Gadget's birthday is coming up and he's so hard to buy for. He has every gadget known to man, but I bet he doesn't have one of these! He mentioned wanting a new bluetooth, but I bet he'll like this even better. Ha! Leave it to me to blow $15 for a joke. I'll make him an apple pie too.

I made two cathedral window ornaments for a swap. I used this wonderful tutorial again. Working on two at a time really sped up the process. I have pared down my swaps and even gave up my three-year stint of hosting my doll quilt swap on the Quilting Board. A fellow quilter graciously volunteered to take it over for me, so I'll still be able to play. Just no coordinating and nagging.

I'm afraid these scooter days are over. And yep, I let my kids play in the street. I might have even taken the pictures. That's College Boy circa 2005 in the red shirt doing crazy crap on a Razor scooter. He went through no less than four of those babies.

We won't even talk about how many skateboard decks he's split in half. Providing stunt detail are Hollywood (in the pink shirt) and a neighbor kid. Look at the bottom of Hollywood's feet. I also let my kids go barefoot to get the whole Florida upbringing experience.

And here we are today. This scooter goes on the road. With cars. Send me hair color? Valium?

And I saved the best for last...we have a new baby in the family! I snagged this photo off Faceplace, but you can still see how cute she is. The delivery went picture perfect and my aunt was able to be there. Mia is my newest second cousin. I think she needs a pink scooter.


  1. i am go so (glad, whoops!) sorry that you're having the same blog problems that i was experiencing. i thought my computer was out to get me. this morning all was well. google reader was also telling me i had a list of blogs waiting even though i had moved all of them over to Atom long ago because i was having too many problems with them. what's up with all of them, anyway?

    cute babe. what are you making her?

    1. explanation: problems with google reader.

  2. much to say about one blog! The gadget is going to be perfect for gadget man! Best $15 you'll spend. (And I think you're right that he won't have even seen it yet.

    Now if college boy is doing the same tricks with the big "scooter" as with the Razor, you need way more than hair color and Valium! I hope he doesn't find any silly girls to lie in the road for him. Good luck.


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