Sunday, January 3, 2010

This is how we roll when it's cold in Florida.

Hoo Boy, 47 degrees today. That's really cold for Florida. And not much sunshine either. It's supposed to be like this all week. I'll be on laundry duty every day as we don't really have tons of warm clothing. The cold weather doesn't phase my kids though. They are tough!

Austin in his Snuggie we bought him for his 18th birthday yesterday. Note the rolled eyes. I get a lot of that with two teenagers. It's almost charming now. : P And oh snap, he's an adult now. How did that happen? I should not have had children at age 9!

My daughter, Lauren in the frozen tundra. Actually, she's on the couch. And the heat is on. Note small wiener dog face bundled in quilts. He has a sweater on under all that. I hope you enjoyed seeing my babies. Sending warm wishes to everyone!


  1. Yeah, this is NOT what I came back to Florida for. It's friggin freezing over here.

  2. Happy New Year Michele!!! I took a leave of absence, but glad to say I am back. I love all your miniature quilts. That is on my list for 2010 so thought I'd pop by and get some inspiration! Keep warm!

  3. Hehe i understand the rolled eyes
    been through that three times now the fourth is doing it.Love your quilts i love anything mini.
    I am now following you glad i got you in the swap.
    ps be more than happy to send ytou sopme of our heatwave

  4. lol. you should have purchased the leopard print snuggie hehehe
    ~Liz @ Observations n Such [Swap-bot Follow my blog on Blogger Swap]

  5. You poor things, 47 degrees!! It was 17 below and my hot water pipes froze right before Christmas!! You'd simply die here in the wild west!! :O)


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