Sunday, January 10, 2010

Some Strings Attached

Stephanie at Loft Creations issued a challenge to make string blocks from your scraps. These blocks barely put a dent in my scraps, but they gave me a good start. Click on the button to the right for a great tutorial for making these liberating blocks. They are really very fun and relaxing. Thanks for the inspiration, Stephanie!

And hello to my fellow swap-botters! It's been so much fun reading your blogs. What a creative bunch you are!


  1. Quilting looks like it could be fun!

    -zefaniya (swapbot)

  2. Hi - wow you got that done quickly! I'm joining the challenge too... Thanks for the link!

  3. Wow Michele you certainly didn't waste any time getting those blocks together. Great colors.

  4. So pretty!
    homekeepingheather from swap-bot

  5. i am in love with all that color. you have the bestest scraps, and my you're fast with the piecing!

  6. I'm glad to see your scrap quilt doesn't have the solid color (white) dividing strips in the block like so many of these types of quilts I have seen. I have been working on a quilt like this for months and every picture I see shows a solid piece to act as a border. It always looks nice but I don't have enough white pieces to make that border in each block. (I feel like I'm rambling, sorry)

    Your quilt looks wonderful. Makes me appreciate mine even more. They take forever. :)


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